our mission

We visit village dairies, talk to the cheesemakers, learn again and again about the culture behind those locations and the products and get an insight into old traditions and craftsmanship that has been passed on since generations and centuries. 

Wherever we find outstanding products, we make sure that product will become available for you. 

Mundig acts as the go-between the Swiss Cheesemakers and the consumer in your country.

It is our passion to make a variety of Fine Cheese from Switzerland available to everybody all over the world.

what we do

At the very start of our work we select village dairies where the traditional way of making cheese is still part of the daily routine.

Together with the cheesemakers/affineurs we select cheese and define the various ageing profiles.

Once in our warehouse the cheese is cut and wrapped according to our customers needs

In order to make sure that the cheese arrives in the best condition at our customers premises we pack and build the pallets whether for land, sea or air transport.

It is our job to organise the transport of the goods – this as an added value to our partners all over the world.

Beside transport, all the paperwork for customs to leave Switzerland/EU is handled by Mundig

Another part of our work is to educate all the people along the line which our cheese travels who are interested to learn more about the various aspects of the cheese

Last but not least – communication builds the base of a trustworthy relationship with our partners through all our different activities.

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