the people at mundig


Head, heart and soul of Mundig is Konrad Heusser. With his extensive knowledge of the Swiss and the international cheese-business, he stands for the quality of products and services.


Simona is a real cheese connaisseur. Through her long lasting engagement in cheese, she is able to support Mundig in managing all the daily challenges. 


The newest member and supporter of the Mundig-Team, Mathias Müller is a web designer and developer based in Zurich but working internationally. He manages all the necessary IT and design challenges that Mundig faces.

Mundig GmbH


phone +41 (0)52 335 19 20 

fax +41 (0)52 335 19 22

CEO Konrad Heusser

Office Switzerland

Aspstrasse 8

8472 Seuzach


Office Germany

Mundig GmbH

Rheinstrasse 17

78262 Gailingen am Hochrhein


Website Planing and Design Black Bird Websites